Reconnect With Your Vision,
Fall In Love With Your Life Again.
A 8-Week Online Workshop Experience
with Somatic Coach & Teacher, Lee Kelly.
Are you tired, angry, frustrated, and not where you think you and the world "should" be?
Many of the people I work with are high achievers just like you. They do, do, do for everyone around them.  
* They have checked off all the boxes

* They have created impressive results

* They are "busy"

* They have run themselves ragged trying to make a difference in the world

... and they are still unfulfilled.

There is another common symptom that clients continually show up with. They are "awakened" and "spiritual" people and they are surprised that they are angry.

Are you one "OM" away from throat-punching your vision board? 
Feeling angry, wound up, and burned out often leads to procrastination and stagnation. The spiral continues.   

Does this sound familiar?

* Are you aching for a clear direction?

* Would you like to finally be living the purposeful and impactful life of your dreams?

* Would you like to quiet your mind and calm your body?

* Are you ready to finally embrace your greatness?
I have some good news.  
There is nothing wrong with you!
In fact, the discomfort and dissatisfaction you're experiencing is the traction to your freedom.  This temporary discomfort is THE gateway to the life you want, the life you deserve.

What you have been avoiding is what will change your world!

If you have reached the point where you are ready to step into everything that's right with you, and fully enjoy this gift of your one and only life, I have an invitation for you.

Join me on an 8-Week journey toward the purposeful, connected life you've always wanted.  
During this online group coaching & workshop you will learn to...

Clarify & reconnect to your vision.
Bring your vision of the world into reality.
Hold on to an internal sense of serenity & well-being regardless of circumstances.
Recognize when your frequency is "off" and shift it in yourself and in others.
First session begins October 21, 2019.
Get the insight and tools to recognize and shift when you are experiencing:

* Avoidance vs. Awareness

* Reactivity vs. Responsibility

* Crashing vs. Creating

This process will connect you to your higher authority and teach you to experience ease in:

* Psycho-Physical

* Presence

* Processing

We are intentionally limiting this class to no more than 8 people in order to give you the full attention you need.  We will be creating purposeful connection and results.  If you apply after we have reached capacity, we will notify you and add you to our wait list. 
This LIVE, interpersonal workshop consists of
EIGHT 75-minute sessions held live weekly via the online conference platform, Zoom.
Meet your teacher & coach
     Lee Kelly
"I support spiritual beings still triggered by the human experience."
Lee Kelly is a Somatic Awareness and Movement Educator located in Bradenton, Florida. He has a long history with creativity and movement through theatre and dance, bodywork and Pilates. Through a dance career peppered with injury, he learned to apply somatic awareness for his own self-healing and performance enhancement. A passion for the study of presence, mind/body connection and the creative process lead to the development of Psycho-Physical Presence Processing, 4(P)Ease Somatic Coaching. For over 25 years, he has supported highly creative individuals break the cycle of “soar” and “crash” by engaging the body in present moment awareness to create more fulfilling and heart-centered lives, release stress and trauma and get back to production.

Lee holds Bachelor and Master of Fine Arts degrees in Dance from Ohio University and The Ohio State University respectively. He studied Massage Therapy at the American Institute of Alternative Medicine, The Trager® Approach to Psychophysical Integration and The Pilates Method. As an entrepreneur, is the director of Village Movement Arts and a Principal Consultant with SISync. 

Here's what you get
  • 8 75-minute live online sessions (recorded replays available)
  • Body-centered meditation
  • Group discussion and sharing
  • Experiential exercises to create transformative change
  • Personal coaching and guidance
  • Private Facebook Group interaction & support
That's well over $3000 value... for just $497!
Working with Lee is incredible! I almost can't explain it in words.  I do know that I have a completely new, and comfortable feeling in my body and I have a choice in changing my state whenever I like.  Thanks Lee!
Erin M
Since I've been working with Lee, I've learned to recognize when I'm limiting myself by reacting out of fear instead of creating out of joy - and to make the shift to creation. Together we have honed my ability to listen to my authentic self which has granted me the freedom to cast off the endless "shoulds" to which I had shackled myself. Lee has supported me in creating a harmonious, connected life that brims with joy and creative energy. I am building the best version of me. 
Laurie K
I can't say enough how much this work has fundamentally shifted my world!  In the year I've been seeing Lee I met a wonderful partner and have been maintaining a healthy relationship.  I got a new job that I'm incredibly passionate about, and most importantly, my compassion and acceptance of myself has grown.  Thank you Lee for the support and helping to co-create my experience.  I love you!
Debra R

A path to Freedom and thriving is waiting for you!

Who this is for
Quite simply, this process is for people who are ready.  If you've read this far it is likely you are.  You likely have been on a spiritual journey.  You are a seeker. You are familiar with meditation, Law of Attraction, etc.  You "get it" and are looking for the integration and implementation that has been missing so far.  "Knowing" is not enough.  We will work to get into your body and connect to your own wisdom.

We hope we have answered any questions and concerns.  If you find this workshop is not for you, no worries.  We're still friends:)
Before embarking on this journey you must be clear that this is NOT THERAPY.  This is somatic & spiritual work.  There is no way we can possibly predict your results or experience.  We can say that previous clients who have taken the coaching, and participated fully, have been extremely satisfied.

You are likely to experience heightened states of emotions as a result of this breakthrough work.

If you are not in a position to participate fully, to contribute to discussions, and complete homework requests, please do not apply at this time.
The objective of this online workshop is to work with you to create extraordinary results, freedom, and satisfaction in your life.  We aim to over deliver and delight every client. If after the first session you are not completely satisfied, you may contact us for a full refund.  If you do not request a refund after the first session, we will assume you have experienced the value we promised and are ready to proceed with the next seven sessions.  No refunds will be processed after the first session.
What is somatic coaching?
“Soma” is a Greek word that means ‘whole body’. Somatic coaching addresses the sensations and signals of the body as well as what goes on mentally. In order to make lasting change we connect both the emotional and physical states from a place of awareness to create abiding presence.

What is the structure of this workshop?
8 weekly online meetings of approximately 75 minutes in length.  This work will be delivered live via the online platform Zoom.  Participants will receive an orientation email with all of the login details.  The workshop will have no more than 12 participants, possibly fewer.  The workshop will consist of discussion, meditation/visualization, experiential exercises, and homework.

How do I access the workshop?
You can view from any device connected to the internet.  Smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers work.  You will want to be in a quiet distraction-free environment on a device with audio and video capabilities. Tech questions answered here.
Will I interact with other students?
Yes! Making connections with your fellow participants is a huge benefit to participating in a group experience.  

What is the refund policy?
If after the first session you are not completely satisfied, you may contact us for a full refund. If you do not request a refund after the first session, we will assume you have experienced the value we promised and are ready to proceed with the next seven sessions. No refunds will be processed after the first session.

What materials do I need? 
We recommend a pen & notebook or journal to record key insights and reflections.  

What if this class fills up?
We are limiting the class to 12 participants.  If you apply after the class is full, we will notify you and give the option to be added to the wait list.  If enrollment isn't available for you this session, we will issue a refund and you will be first consideration for the next session of the workshop.  
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